Launch "EY SaT Women's Career Journey" initiatives in Japan

SaT 人事 大津

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こんにちは、ストラテジー・アンド・トランザクション 人事の大津です。


EYストラテジー・アンド・コンサルティング株式会社ストラテジー・アンド・トランザクション部門(以下、SaT)は、この度SaT Women's Career JourneyWCJと題して、女性の皆さんがコーポレートファイナンスや戦略コンサルティングのキャリアをスタートするきっかけを提供するためのイベントを企画いたしました。




開催日時: 2021年5月26日(水) 18:00~19:30 (17:45~開場)
開催方法: Microsoft Teams Meetingによるオンライン開催
 ▶Special speech(EY-Parthenon Managing Director 小林暢子)
 ▶EY SaTの仕事紹介(戦略・コーポレートファイナンスの領域におけるコンサルタントとしてのキャリアを考える)
ご参加を希望される方は、SaT人事 採用チーム(eysc.sat@jp.ey.com)までご連絡下さい。



Hello everyone, this is Nobuto Ohtsu, talent team of Strategy and Transactions.

EY provides various initiatives to support female talent who would like to challenge in the area of strategy and/or corporate finance consulting at global level.

As part of these initiatives, EY Strategy and Transactions(SaT) will launch 'SaT Women's Career Journey (WCJ)' The program aims to inspire the exceptional female talent to pursue an exciting and fulfilling career in strategy and/or corporate finance consulting world.

SaT Women's Career Journey (WCJ) gives you an opportunity to learn exceptional EY's career experience from EY professionals with various background.

This event is to be held 4 times in this year which targets for various audience such as who has consulting background, MBA students, people who has no consulting experience and campus students. We will also have career guidance session as a follow up from our HR professionals. Please do note that our first session is mainly targeting for people who has no consulting experience and campus students but everyone is welcomed!

Please join us and start your new chapter in strategy and corporate finance consulting world at EY!

Date:Wednesday May 26, 2021 6:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.(5:45 p.m.~Open)
Place:Online (Microsoft Teams Meeting)
 ▶Special speech(Nobuko Kobayashi, EY-Parthenon Managing Director)
 ▶Introduction of consulting world in EY SaT(Career at strategy and corporate finance consulting)
 ▶Panel discussion
 ▶Live Q&A session
How to apply:
Please contact to SaT recruiting team (eysc.sat@jp.ey.com) if you would like to participate in this event.